Political Pick up Lines

political pick up lines are definitely something these days. When the day comes, not only you can exercise your right to vote choosing the candidate you believe is more suitable for such a challenging task as it is running a country, you can create pickups lines as well, which are becoming a thing. Seems that Election day has become an aphrodisiac, and pickup lines are all over the social networks.

Elections are once every four years so you have time to think which pickup lines you will be using in the next elections to find yourself a date. Most of these pickup lines do not make much sense and I hardly believe they have a positive effect on prospective dates but they are terribly funny and they are useful to laugh and keep yourself busy while awaiting results.

The following are some of the best pickup lines found in social network: “I am tired of being independent let me join your party”, “Nice sticker”, “You won my hear by a landslide” “Give me your tax return and I will give you mine”, “You are the a poll of my eye”, “Are you free as American tonight?” “There is room for one more in this voting booth” among other hilarious phrases.

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